Ok, so Friday is our two week anniversary.

We’ve been at the firehouse a lot, though you wouldn’t really be able to tell. Well, maybe you would.  I spent some time cleaning up the inside on the first floor, so we can have some space to work. Martin has been working really hard to make the outside of the building safe. When we got the building there were 3 open pits that go to the basement windows. Those 3 pits were covered with 1/4 inch plywood and some construction barrels. One we made even with the ground. The other two we built structures around so no one will fall through. As you can see in some of the pictures, Martin can dance on top of them, they are sturdy. We were able to open one of the bay doors, so this weekend we’ll get our first dumpster and fill it full of god knows what, and a lot of broken toilets.

So here are some pictures we’ve taken over the past 13 days.


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