Martin ordered another 30 yard dumpster a week ago. This time we got what we ordered the first time. I had been sick for about 2 days, weak, shaky, pounding headache and I can’t breathe. So he was at the firehouse working while I was at home working my normal job in between naps. I didn’t really know what he was doing over there. But he sent me some photo updates.

This very dark picture is what 26 mattresses from the attic look like stacked in the back of a 30 yard dumpster. When Cheryl was over in November, she told me that when the firehouses would get new mattresses, the city said they would take away the old ones, but to keep them in the attic until the city could get around to it. Well, these ones were never a priority, so the pigeons just lived on them. Now they are gone. Good riddance.

Martin has also taken out the first layer of floor from the locker room, which will one day be our master bedroom. I don’t have any photos of that. But it looks sooo amazing. It still has buckled wood floors, but they look a lot better.

So far, we’ve showed up to the firehouse twice and had the doors been re-tagged.

But we just paint over the tag.

I came by on Monday to help finish filling the dumpster before it gets taken back on Tuesday. Where the hole in the roof was ruined the floor in the attic and the second floor, and ran down the wall on the first floor. Where the drywall for the cot room ended up getting moldy. So I started taking it down.

When I got through the first layer of drywall, I found out that there was a wall built at some point on wood beams, and then at a later date, someone built a metal frame and added on another drywall wall. Because we’re not sure if we are keeping this room or not, Martin asked that I keep the frames up. So I had to piece the middle drywall out. It was hard, and the ceiling on the first floor is 14 or 15 feet high, so cutting down drywall between frames 10 feet in the air was really hard.

But in a few hours I had the panels down that we wanted to start with. The rest of the drywall isn’t water damaged, at least we don’t think so. So we’re keeping it up until we know if we are keeping the room or not.

I cleaned up a bunch more after this, but forgot to take more pictures.

Martin cleaned up more of the stairs, knocking down a bunch of falling plaster, scraping peeling paint.

If you walked in for the first time, you would think the building is adequate. Martin and I talk about this sometimes. How it only looks impressive to us, because we’re there all the time. Today I stood on the second floor, and stared all the way to the locker room wall. Before there were walls in the way, there was a maze of lockers, but now, it’s clean, it’s empty, it’s just a vision of the house we will soon make there. And that – is cool.

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