We put our offer in on the fire house on May 9th 2016. We were told that it would take 2 weeks to finish gathering the proposals and take them to the city. Then the city would decide who had the offer that best suited the community.

Two weeks later, still no word. We were told that Memorial Day was the following Monday so we should wait two more weeks.


June 8th, Martin picked me up from work, with a camera in his hands. I thought he was just holding it. Then he put it up to his face and said “We got the firehouse” and started clicking…  10 minutes and 400 pictures later, I still couldn’t believe what he just said. This is my face somewhere between excitement, terror, fear, love, confusion, denial, and hope.


finding out

I spent the next hour in the car with him trying to figure out what just happened, I was so sure we weren’t going to get it. I just didn’t think we’d be so lucky. But here we are.

Written by erika

Erika Fulk is a camera button pusher and settings adjuster with a narrow variety of foci in her shoots, including, but not limited to: things you can see, things you can see but not touch, but her specialty is shooting things you can't touch. Her critically acclaimed "This" from the...
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