So on Friday we closed. I was feeling terrible, so I sat through the closing paperwork, then we went to the firehouse to swap the lock with the reality company. Martin stopped on the way and picked up a 6 pack of High Life, the liquor store around the corner doesn’t have champagne, so we got the champagne of beers.

Bunia from Summit Reality met us at the firehouse, we swapped the lock and went inside. Just walked around and stood in the building for about 20 minutes. But then I had a meeting so we left. Came back to our house, and then found out that my meeting was canceled, so we went and found churro’s and champagne and went back to the building. We popped the champagne, christened the building with the spilt champagne and just hung out measuring walls and dreaming. It was nice to be in there with no one waiting for us to leave.

Saturday, I was still feeling like crap. So I stayed home, but Martin, his parents and his aunt and uncle went to the firehouse to start working on it.
Martin worked on the graffiti removal, so far so good. Martin’s family worked on the forest that’s growing in the backyard. I went over to see how it went and to crash their dinner plans. I’m sure Martin will write on this later. But I wanted to get this down so I can write about Day 3…


It might not look like much, but the graffiti is gone and you can’t even tell it was there. And that’s pretty cool.


Written by erika

Erika Fulk is a camera button pusher and settings adjuster with a narrow variety of foci in her shoots, including, but not limited to: things you can see, things you can see but not touch, but her specialty is shooting things you can't touch. Her critically acclaimed "This" from the...
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