It’s Sunday Oct 16th, I was supposed to run a 1/2 marathon today. I felt like hell the past 2 days, shaky, dizzy, can’t eat but can’t stop eating, light headed… basically terrible. But I have a co-worker staying with me for the weekend as he flew up from Austin to run the 1/2 marathon. So I went down to the marathon and watched him and another co-worker finish their runs, actually pretty fun hanging out at a marathon. I’ve spent so much time hanging out at bike races, that a running race was pretty cool to see.

Anyways, this afternoon it started raining like crazy. And in case you haven’t seen the big hole in the ceiling –

Engine House 27, Pre purchase walk through for Roof evaluation, in Detroit Mexican town mexicantown, Southwest Detroit


There is a large hole in the roof of the firehouse, so Martin and I headed over after the rain to figure out how bad it really was. It’s bad. There’s water in the building, but we knew that. So nothing shocking. But still sad to see.

And here’s where we get to what I wanted to talk about. When I was a kid, my parents lived on 5 acres in the middle of the desert. We had generators and solar power, we had no phone, we had to haul our own water. My older brother and I would go on these water hauling trips. My favorite part was where the water came out of the ground and screwed into the hose, would always leak. Depending on who was there getting water, and the sturdiness of their hose, there was either a good pour of water or a slight trickle. Because it was the desert, most of the water soaked right in, but some would travel. My brother and I would move the water, build dams, dig trenches, spend an hour or how ever long we were there controlling this force of nature. I always loved it. I do it sometimes now in Michigan, try to build dams when the basement floods, but it’s never as satisfying.




The ‘kitchen’ in the firehouse has a pretty steady water flow, just creating puddles all over where the ceiling has fallen down. So I went into the kitchen and found this rather sturdy cup, and started controlling nature. Moving debris out of the way, and forging a path down to the drain.

No, I didn’t save the building. I didn’t stop the flow for the next time. But in the 20 minutes I was in the kitchen I helped a little, stopped the standing water from standing around, and I got to play in the mud again. Not bad for a sickly Sunday.

This has also made me want to start a tiny collection of things that we find and keep from the firehouse. Most of the stuff in there is either trash or big lockers that are probably salvageable. But I think this cup will be saved, and put on a “firehouse” shelf somewhere in our house.


On the plus side, the rain hasn’t really done anything new and bad to the building, here is a photo from the other side of the kitchen from back in June –


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