When Martin bought his house in Woodbridge, years ago, it came with a few random things – 1) a stuffed fish hanging from the ceiling in the living room, 2) an aluminum Christmas tree in the attic, 3) and Volumes 1 and 2 of the Baist’s Real Estate Atlas Surveys of Detroit and Suburbs.

We never paid much attention to them because the Woodbridge pages were missing. But the firehouse isn’t in Woodbridge, so we went back to visit the surveys, and look what we found!


There she is, Engine House 27 in tiny pink and blue.

Written by erika

Erika Fulk is a camera button pusher and settings adjuster with a narrow variety of foci in her shoots, including, but not limited to: things you can see, things you can see but not touch, but her specialty is shooting things you can't touch. Her critically acclaimed "This" from the...
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