On February 14th, typically known as Valentine’s Day, Martin came home to a nice new succulent and a ring pop.¬†

Little did I know, that I would be getting a wild surprize in just a few minutes. Martin told me we had to go to the firehouse for something, and also, he had bought drinks for our dinner, but left them at the firehouse. So we go to the firehouse  just after dark, and Martin unlocked the doors, we walk in and he turns on the lights!

WE HAVE LIGHTS! Here is a compilation of our lights in the dark and in the day light.


Martin found out earlier in the day that we had power, finally, in the building, so he went to Home Depot bought chairs, these lights that changed colors, and not from Home Depot, some charcuterie and margaritas. We had a romantic snack under the red lights and went home to make our traditional valentine’s day pizza’s.

Because of Detroit’s unseasonably warm weather we have been able to work in the firehouse a lot as of recently. Here is a shot of the firehouse with it’s windows upstairs opened for the first time in 10 years!


We also bought our first scaffolding!

And then we took back the romanic, not very useful lights, and put up these bright lights on the first floor. It’s nothing permanent, but it is nice to be able to work in the firehouse after dark.

Then March 8th, Detroit and lots of Michigan suffered a terrible wind storm with winds up to 60 mph. These winds ripped up 20 of our newly re-shingled firehouse roof. JCA, our roofers, came out the next day and put the shingles back on the roof.


I’ve been spending a lot of time on the second floor trying to find the wood floors… I hope we can keep some of the wood floors… They are beautiful underneath it all.

And of course, there are still some of the past tenants things still in the firehouse, but they will soon be gone too…

Written by erika

Erika Fulk is a camera button pusher and settings adjuster with a narrow variety of foci in her shoots, including, but not limited to: things you can see, things you can see but not touch, but her specialty is shooting things you can't touch. Her critically acclaimed "This" from the...
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