All of April Martin and I spent in Georgia discussing the future. Looking at buildings for sale on every website we can find. This one has lots of parking. This one has great windows. This one is in a shitty location. This one is ugly.

May 3rd we got back to Detroit

May 4th Martin picked me up and told me he had a building to show me.

engine 27

We pulled up to this building. I said “I will do anything to get this building.”

And so starts our journey.

Then we went to a taco truck and ate amazing taco’s while we sat in the car texting our real estate guy about getting in to see the building.

Written by erika

Erika Fulk is a camera button pusher and settings adjuster with a narrow variety of foci in her shoots, including, but not limited to: things you can see, things you can see but not touch, but her specialty is shooting things you can't touch. Her critically acclaimed "This" from the...
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