So a lot has happened in and around the firehouse. And we have been pretty bad at actually updating the site.

So this one day, back in November, I had a very jam packed day. And I would like to try and remember what happened.

I got to the firehouse at 8am to clean up the mess from the roofers, and to rope off some of the dangerous areas of the firehouse. The front stairs were wrecked when the scrappers came through the building. The back stairs were doing pretty well, but as we use them more and more they were getting a little wobbly, so Martin made me 3 new stair decks the night before, I went in and topped the current stairs with the new wood.

I roped those off, and the hole from where the roof had leaked for 10 years. So anyways, I used a roll of CAUTION TAPE and roped off the area’s where the building was a little shaky.

Then around 9:30 or 10, I had a visitor stop by. See a few months ago I stumbled upon thisĀ Detroit Firefighters blog, it had some pretty cool stuff on it, and I ended up buying the two history books. And upon getting my receipt, I wrote back saying I wasn’t sure who would get the email, but that we bought the building. I got a phone call a day or so later from Cheryl Fox, who said she had worked some shifts at the firehouse and would like to come by.

So, 9:30 and Cheryl shows up. She is AMAZING! We spent from 9:30-5 probably just walking around the building talking. She told me she is the unofficial fireman historian, and showed up with 5 pages of history of the fire department in Detroit and some really interesting facts about our building in particular. One day I will get around to sharing some of those.

Around 10:30 a random car pulls up to the building. It’s the man who bought a bunch of buildings down the street and had at one point put in a bid on the firehouse. He just wanted to gab about things.

Around 11:30 the insurance inspector showed up. Cheryl and I walked him through the building. Cheryl did a great job at making sure he spent a lot of time in the good places in the firehouse and not a ton of time in the bad places.

At 12:30 the tree guy, Chris, showed up. He came to look at the trees we needed cut down. He quoted me on prices, I told him I’d double check with Martin and we’d call him to pick a date.

At 1, he leaves, and it’s just Cheryl and I again. Martin ends up getting off work and coming to the firehouse around 2. Cheryl wants to start doing a podcast, so she interviews us for about an 30-45 minutes. And at the end of our interviews, my brother and his girlfriend show up.

I say goodbye to Cheryl, though I believe her and Martin still talk a little more about some of the things Cheryl and I covered throughout the day.

I walk my brother and his gf through the building, say hello to her mom via facetime, and then decide that it’s 3:30 and while no real work was done on the firehouse, lots of things happened and I needed to eat.

Everyone showed up in a long and steady stream of people one right after the next after the next. Leaving no time to think, little time to prepare and less time to remember. But I heard a lot about our firehouse, and it made me love it even more than I thought I could. Long story short, Cheryl is amazing. I’ll post her podcast as soon as I get it. I’ll post some of the history soon.

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