Today, November 15th, is Engine House 27’s 114th birthday! So I made some coffee cupcakes with coffee frosting!


Martin and I took them to the new Engine House 27, but we couldn’t find anyone to leave the cupcakes with… so we brought them back to our firehouse and shared them with the roofers that have been working on it for the past week.


That being said, we bought a new roof for the firehouse. Happy birthday firehouse!

This is the old roof.

img_6849 img_7039img_7060

Here is a photo looking up into the hose tower when there were no shingles on it.


Here is a photo of the ‘small’ hole in the roof that we wanted fixed. JCA Construction was amazing and went above and beyond anything we could have hoped for.




JCA still has a little clean up to do, but after 114 years, this roof is looking slim and sexy!




We also have done a bunch of work on the inside. We’ve taken out 30 yards of crap from the inside. Martin has fixed the roof drains to drain into the floor drains. The kitchen is drywall free. The upstairs is almost dry wall free –


The studs are out of most of the upstairs now too. The floors are worse than we had hoped, but people that know much more than we do seem to think it’s no big deal. So we’ll figure that out.

Things on our calendar for the next few days, meeting with DTE. Meeting with a plumber. Meet with Green Garage and see if we can’t make the firehouse work for the environment. Scrap more, sweep more, clean more, dismantle more, and basically work more until it gets too cold to do anything.


It’s a short post. But I am tired. Will try and write more soon.

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