January 2018

Since we last wrote, we spent 2 weeks in Iceland, 4 days in New Orleans, and a few good weekends with our families celebrating the holidays. So posts and visible progress have been slow, but only on paper. Martin’s doing a damn fine job working at the firehouse, photographing jobs, and still putting in time… Read more »

Celebrating One year in

We had a bit of a celebratory open house to commemorate owning the glorious Engine House 27 for 52 weeks. We took a bunch of pictures of the place to show what she’s looking like these days.  

Visit to the current Engine House 27

We’ve been plugging away. Cleaning. Taking down old stuff. Thinking about new stuff. And learning more about the past. Martin’s mom A while ago Buck, a current firefighter from 27 and a former firefighter from our 27, stopped by on his way back to the current 27 from picking up groceries for chow. Martin was… Read more »

Let there be Light!

On February 14th, typically known as Valentine’s Day, Martin came home to a nice new succulent and a ring pop.  Little did I know, that I would be getting a wild surprize in just a few minutes. Martin told me we had to go to the firehouse for something, and also, he had bought drinks… Read more »

Grand on River

Today we went over to Grand on River to hang with our buddy Bruno, check out his space, and smash some stuff. Bruno is a fellow city of Detroit person who is deep into giving new life to a building that’s got a long history and was ultimately being underutilized. His spot is now known as Grand… Read more »

Engine House 27 as of 2/2/17

This is what things look like right now. Today.

Photos on photos from just 2 weeks after closing

This is a bunch of photos.  Photos that show mostly the tiny details of what kind of state Engine House 27 was in, when we took possession. 

A 30 yd dumpster, 26 mattresses and 3 walls

Martin ordered another 30 yard dumpster a week ago. This time we got what we ordered the first time. I had been sick for about 2 days, weak, shaky, pounding headache and I can’t breathe. So he was at the firehouse working while I was at home working my normal job in between naps. I… Read more »

Since November

Ok, so we had one really busy day in November. But what’s happened since then, you ask? Well, a ton, and not much. Martin has been there working a lot. I have been there very seldom. In December we took some time off for holidays and spending time with families. In January we went to… Read more »

One busy day back in November

So a lot has happened in and around the firehouse. And we have been pretty bad at actually updating the site. So this one day, back in November, I had a very jam packed day. And I would like to try and remember what happened. I got to the firehouse at 8am to clean up… Read more »

  • City Council Approved!

    We’re one step closer! We were informed yesterday that City Council has approved the sale of the fire house to us. That doesn’t mean we gfet the keys just yet. We still have to wait for the legal description and more signatures. But, we’re maybe a month away from closing. AND I’M SO EXCITED!

  • Found – Real Estate Atlas of Detroit 1923

    When Martin bought his house in Woodbridge, years ago, it came with a few random things – 1) a stuffed fish hanging from the ceiling in the living room, 2) an aluminum Christmas tree in the attic, 3) and Volumes 1 and 2 of the Baist’s Real Estate Atlas Surveys of Detroit and Suburbs. We… Read more »

  • Purchase Agreement dropped off!

    It’s real!

  • Walk through June 13th 2016

  • A new future

    Check back one this site to see what happens to Engine House 27… For some past history on the building check out this link – http://www.detroit.fdmaps.com/engine-27/

  • Acceptance

    We put our offer in on the fire house on May 9th 2016. We were told that it would take 2 weeks to finish gathering the proposals and take them to the city. Then the city would decide who had the offer that best suited the community. Two weeks later, still no word. We were… Read more »

  • Love at first sight

    All of April Martin and I spent in Georgia discussing the future. Looking at buildings for sale on every website we can find. This one has lots of parking. This one has great windows. This one is in a shitty location. This one is ugly. May 3rd we got back to Detroit May 4th Martin… Read more »