We’ve been plugging away. Cleaning. Taking down old stuff. Thinking about new stuff. And learning more about the past.

Martin’s mom

A while ago Buck, a current firefighter from 27 and a former firefighter from our 27, stopped by on his way back to the current 27 from picking up groceries for chow. Martin was the only one home at the time, so Martin and Buck walked through the firehouse. Buck telling Martin stories from when he ran out of there.

It turns out that Buck’s dad ran out of our house back in the 60’s. How cool is that.

Anyways, while walking through the firehouse they went to the Captain’s room where we are missing a door, and Buck says “Oh, I think I know who has that door”

So, last week, Buck messaged Martin and said – “Hey, I have your door at 27”

So, we went to 27 and met up with Buck. Not only did he have the door that we were missing. He’s also been spending time finding old photos of our firehouse in use. We now have a stack of photos to scan in and make a little pre-us scrap book.

But here are some photos that we really liked.

This is Adolf, he still lives across the street from the firehouse, and is a big help to us, mentally and physically.

We’ve heard a lot of stories about the firehouse kitchen ceiling… the photos are just as epic as the stories.

Our koi pond in full glory.

And then… we busted some stuff up. Martin and Ted have been doing a ton of work at the firehouse, one thing they did was to tear down the plaster walls in the Chief’s quarters. And in doing so have exposed a few serious flaws in the stairs we’ve been using. So, they built 7 new stairs on the staircase we haven’t been using. The bottom 7 were broken thanks to the scrappers rolling the radiators down the stairs and, you know, gravity… ┬áSo they replaced the bottom 7 completely. But the top steps needed some love too. So we pried off the broken top steps…

And found that the new top stair treads were just covering the original stairs. What’s cool about this is that you can see where the wear paths were.

And we did just like they did. It’s just a temporary fix for now, but it’s much safer to walk up through the firehouse now that we have one safe staircase. And that’s cool. (Also, you can see the old wear paths in the stairs a little better here).

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